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Company information

  1. OLTEKS company is one of the leading Ukrainian garment manufacturers. We were established in 1999. Business owner and founder is Anna Ogarenko. She started the company by her own.

    Company includes two garment factories: “Skvirateks”, “Priluky garment factory” with a total of 350 employees. 90% of total employees are women.
  2. We focused on creating new working places by constantly developing and finding new clients.
  3. A Company is a member of Ukrainian association of apparel industry "UKRLEGPROM" and Anna Ogarenko is a vice-president of the association.
  4. We have possibilities and all technical equipment to create our own models in design department.
    Our perfect European geographical position allows successful cooperation with many countries.

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  1. Clothes design and preparation is performed with latest generation automatic design systems Lectra.
  2. Quality management system ISO 9001:2015 was implemented at our factories.
  3. Two-level automatic warehouse system for storage of ready goods.
  4. Customs clearance is made at the factory at the special zones. We provide the goods with necessary certificates – Certificate of origin, EUR.1.
  5. Factories passed the audit of international social responsibility CSR with score 90 and 91 of 100.

Processing possibilities

Our own factories’ production capacity allows to produce:

12-15 thousand Coats per month

12-15 thousand Trenches and raincoats per month

8-10 thousand Jackets per month


Minimum acceptable
quantity – 500 pieces
per style/color


Technical equipment

OLTEKS production facilities are equipped with:

  1. Cutting and laying equipment - Lectra
  2. Fusing presses - Veit, Kannegiesser
  3. Modern sewing equipment with automatic thread cut and simultaneous fix - Juki, Typical, Pfaff , Zinger
  4. Chain stitch machines - Juki, Textima, Rimoldi, PFAFF Durkopp Adler
  5. Bar tack machines - Juki , Zinger and Durkopp Adler
  6. Machines for belt loops - Durkopp Adler, Juki
  7. Special machines for seams sealing and tapped seams - Japsew, Typical
  8. Machines for set in sleeves - PFAFF Durkopp Adler
  9. Steam generators and irons - Veit Uniset, Rotondi, Sussman

Every year

we renew our technical base by new advanced machines to support and improve product quality level and correspond with international level of high quality garment manufacturer.

Main principles

Environment care

Company performs documented procedures for waste handling, storage, recycling anddisposal. These actions prevent emissions to air, wastes to ground, discharges to water and fire risks.

Social standards

We created comfort and safe working conditions for our employees that was approved by high score CSR audit results  in 2019. Working in our company and factories is built with safety standards.

Energy saving

Company supports government policy of energy efficiency and energy saving.Production factories and warehouses heat was converted to up to date economy heat. At our factories new plastic windows, energy-efficient light bulbs and modern category “A” air conditioning systems are installed.

International quality standards

We pay high attention to product’s quality control and international standards correspondence. Quality management control at our factories is confirmed with certificate ISO 9001:2015


  • 01

    We use only high quality, natural materials and have
    long lasting partnerships with our suppliers.

  • 02

    For coats and jackets we use woolen
    fabrics made by domestic manufacturer.

  • 03

    Our company buys fabric and lining from Ukrainian and European factories
    with many years of experience and high quality standards.

  • 04

    Due to long-term successful business experience OLTEKS company has
    exclusive prices from most of the material’s suppliers, which gives us the
    opportunity to give competitive prices for our clients.

Our main
advantages on the market


Please, pay attention, that all prices depend on quantity, design, fabric composition and materials.

We can make and calculate models according to your design and needs:

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We are ready to produce garment
for private labels and flexible for new cooperation

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